Do you also make furniture from individual ideas? I need a shelf/cabinet/table for my television/plush animals/cutlery.

Yes, I do. Tell me your wishes and ideas of what you need. I'll see what I can do.


What kind of materials are the chairs made of?

See product descriptions.

Can the chairs be made from other materials?

Yes, they can. The chairs can be made from any kind of wood, according to individual requests.

Can I use the chairs outdoors?

These chairs should not be used outdoors. I'm planning to make furniture which will be appropriate for outdoor use.


Why do I have to wait ten weeks for a piece of furniture?

Because all the pieces are made on individual orders.

Do I have to do anything to the chairs after they arrive?

No. The chairs are delivered assembled.

Can you ship internationally? What's the delivery time?

I prefer to ship inside Europe, but we can deliver anywhere in the world by DHL. International delivery time is also ten weeks.

What are the shipping costs?

You can look up the prices on the DHL website, the sizes and weight you'll find in the product descriptions.


What happens after I order an item?

When you order an item, you will have to pay the price up front. After this step, production begins in the factory. When the item is ready I'll send you a link to pay the shipment costs. When your payment is received, the item is shipped.

What guarantees the high-tech quality?

All pieces of furniture are produced in a professionally equipped Hungarian furniture factory, according to the highest European standards.

Is there a possibility for local pick up?

Of course, if you come to Budapest, Hungary.

How is it assured that each piece of furniture is one of a kind?

They all have a serial number engraved in them.